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Relocation Services


Did you know that you can start the relocation process with Royal Lepage Relocation Services as soon as you receive your posting message?

There are 2 ways to start : on line or by coming to our office (located at 125 Sullivan Avenue)

Go to : https://www.relodialogue.com/Employee/ Transferee/IRP/register.aspx
Complete the identification page and submit. When you are done, you will receive an email indicating the documents you need to provide (by fax or in person).
24 to 48 hrs after reception of your documents, we will give you the name of your consultant and book your first consultation.

Documents to provide : (PHOTOCOPIES ONLY!)

For all postings:
Posting message
Pay statement certified by BOR confirming Posting Allowance eligibility
Void check or any other official document confirming your banking information
Licence plate numbers of all your vehicle (car, motorcycle, trailer…)

Documents (for your current residence) required if you are a homeowner:
Initial purchase and sale agreement Copy of deed Survey/Certificate of location
Listing agreement
2 choices of appraisers if your residence in not sold (you can have the list on the web site or by calling our office)
Purchase and sale agreement if your residence is sold

Documents (for your current residence) required if you are a renter :
Lease agreement Lease termination letter (if apply)

For Imposed Restriction posting:
We will need the exact same documents as the regular posting except for the documents relating to your current residence.
Imposed Restriction approval

Remember, your involvement is essential to the success of your move for you and your family!

For more information, contact (709) 256-1703 Ext 1294.

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