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Welcome to the

Rideau Canal Junior Ranks Mess





4 Queen Elizabeth Dr.
Ottawa, ON
 K2P 2H9

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Reservations or inquiries:

PMC:   MCpl Gerson Galeano gerson.galeano@forces.gc.ca

Phone: 613-992-7699

Assistant Mess Manager: Annette Emmons    annette.emmons@forces.gc.ca

Phone: 613-996-5449

Mess Manager: Trina MacLean trina.maclean@forces.gc.ca

Phone: 613-998-8912


Fax: 992-4764

 Calendar of Events

15/06/2016 11:45 AM   FREE LUNCHEON 
Chili dog/ Grilled Cheese Sweet potato fries Broccoli Slaw Assorted Cake Coffee/tea
17/06/2016 2:45 PM   BOSSES NIGHT 
beef quesadillas nachos and Cheese sauce mixed black bean and corn salad assorted pie coffee and tea NOTE: Guests will be charged $5.00 at door to be able to participate in the dinner.
20/07/2016 11:45 AM   FREE LUNCHEON 
chicken fingers fries Caesar Salad Strawberry Shortcake Veggie option: Quiche Coffee
17/08/2016 11:45 AM   FREE LUNCHEON 
Cheese Burger or Veggie Burger Potato Salad Assorted Pie Coffee/tea

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