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 Fish and Game Club

NDHQ Fish and Game Club 

The NDHQ Fish & Game Club was first established in March 1956 as the Airforce Headquarters Rod and Gun Club. The general purpose of the club has not significantly changed since that time. It continues with the purpose of providing its members with an organization where the common interests of fishing, hunting, conservation and associated activities may be pursued in a spirit of sportsmanship and comradeship in conformance with the laws of Ontario and Canada.

The Club is an affiliated member club of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), which is the premiere hunting, fishing and conservation voice in Ontario, with approximately 80,000 members across the province. As a member club we enjoy reduced OFAH membership dues. As an OFAH Member, you receive a subscription to the Ontario Out Of Doors, $2,000,000 Public Liability Insurance coverage (free), discounts on OFAH merchandise, and discounts at a number of retail outlets in Ontario.

The Club is established as a Non Public Fund (NPF) organization under the Commandant CFSU (O), reporting through the Recreation Council. It is organization established to provide affordable activities to enhance the physical and mental well-being of active and retired members of DND and their dependants. Associated clubs of the Recreation Council include the Ski club, Golf Association, Scuba Club to name but a few.


The Club is dedicated to the promotion of conservation, fishing, hunting and associated activities as a means of improving the general fitness and well being of all its members. It is also intended to provide newcomers to NDHQ with the opportunity to meet with fellow fishermen and hunters so that they can quickly familiarize themselves with the local fishing, hunting and shooting opportunities, and to obtain information pertaining to licensing and permit requirements.

The Club is further dedicated to observe and practice sound conservation of all wildlife and its habitat; to respect the property rights of others; to assist the authorities with implementing conservation measures for the benefit of the community; and to oppose activities such as poaching or pollution that are prejudicial to sound conservation of wildlife and its natural habitat, so as to provide a continuing source of enjoyment for all its present and future members.


General meetings are held on the first Monday of each month from September through June. There are no formal meetings in July or August. Meeting days are sometimes adjusted to cater to hunting/fishing season activities. Members are expected to make every endeavor to attend all general meetings. Meetings are currently held at 7PM at the Royal Canadian Legion at 330 Kent Street, in Ottawa. Executive meetings are held as required.

Annual Slate of Events

  • January, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Guest Speaker
  • End January – Ice Fishing Derby (weather dependent)
  • February, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Guest Speaker
  • March, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Turkey Dart Shoot
  • End March – Wild Game Potluck Supper
  • April, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Guest Speaker
  • April, 3rd Saturday – Annual Awards Banquet
  • May, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Guest Speaker
  • End May / Early June – Spring Fishing Derby
  • June, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Annual Election of Executives
  • July & August – No Meetings or scheduled events.
  • September, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Guest Speaker
  • September 2nd or 3rd Weekend – Fall Fishing Derby
  • October, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Turkey Dart Shoot
  • October, 2nd or 3rd Weekend – Fall Pheasant Hunt
  • October, Last Monday – Pre-Emptive November General Mtg. w/Guest Speaker
  • November, Last Friday – Wine & Cheese Bingo
  • December, 1st Monday – General Mtg. w/Guest Speaker

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