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General Strange Hall

The GSH is a place where people of all ages can come to compete, learn, exercise, relax, meet and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

GSH Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 6:00am-9:45pm
Saturday 9:00am-9:45pm
Sunday 12:00pm-9:45pm

GSH Rules

- rowdy and boisterous behaviour that is distracting to others or is dangerous to either persons or property is not permitted and users will be asked to leave the premises.

- tobacco, food or drinks products (except water) are not permitted in the gymnasium, weight/cardio room, or pool area.

- outdoor shoes are not permitted.

- only families with children and persons with a disability may use the family change rooms.  Keys must be signed out and returned to the front desk immediately.  Storage of personal belongings in the family change rooms are at users own risk.

- children under the age of 6 do not need a GSH card and are free, however they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

- children under the age of 12 may only participate in supervised programs (swimming, bowling, theatre, recreation school age programs) and can use the gym floor if the parent/guardian is present on the gym floor or using the indoor running track.

- children ages 12-17 yrs of age may use all facilities except the weight/cardio room and sauna (may use sauna with a parent/guardian).

- children ages 13-17 may use the weight/cardio room if they have attended the youth orientation course.

- users must be 16 years or older (unless accompanied by a parent/guardian) to use the squash/racquetball courts.

For more information, please contact the GSH Front Desk at 204-765-3000 ext 3889.

Indoor Facilities

Aerobics Room Conditioning room
Weight Room Fitness Testing Room
Wii Fitness Room 2 Gyms
4 Badminton Courts 3 Basketball Courts
3 Volleyball Courts 3 Soccer Floors
2 Floor Hockey Courts Meeting Room
Pool Theatre
Bowling Alley 200m Running Track
Skating Rink 2 Squash/Racquetball Courts

Outdoor Facilities

2 Baseball Diamonds 1 Soccer Field
2 Rugby/Soccer Fields 3 Tennis Courts
Outdoor Skating Rink Skateboard Park
Waterpark Community Garden
400m Running Oval 1.2 km Fitness Trail
2 BBQ Pits  

Equipment Rentals

Did you know that you can sign out equipment at the General Strange Hall (GSH) free of charge if you are a Military member or a current GSH Access Cardholder?

Yes, it’s true! We have mountain bikes with helmets, youth and adult snow shoes with poles, and canoes/kayaks equip with lifejackets, paddles and a safety kit.

All you need to do is contact the Facility Coordinator at 204-765-3000 ext 3315 to take advantage of all the great equipment. A deposit may be required and equipment can be signed out for a maximum of two days.

We also have three strollers available for use on the indoor running track plus a Wii room complete with 4 wii stations with the following games:
Winter Sports
Wii Play
Summer Sports 2
Animal Crossing
Wii Sports

Please sign out the wii stations with the commissionaire at the entrance of the GSH. The strollers will be located on the indoor running track in the near future. Wii stations and strollers are on a first come, first serve basis.

For more info, please contact Sports Stores at 204-765-3000 ext 3541.

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