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Chaplain Services

At CFB Shilo, chaplains are here to help.

What is a padre?  Your padre is:
- A caring person of faith.
- A friend who will be there for you.
- A confidant who you can trust.
- A counsellor to help you find your way.
- An advocate to represent you.
- A mentor to encourage you.
- A source of comfort in troubled times.

CFB Shilo's chaplain team leader Maj Greg Costen. His team is comprised of four other chaplains - Padres Lee, Neil, Olive and Inienwe.

You are encouraged to talk with your chaplain at any time during the course of your military career. 

When a difficult situation comes your way, sometimes it's good just to talk to someone.  A chaplain should be one of your first contacts for any type of personal distress.

They will point you in the direction you need to go, listen when you need to talk something through, encourage you when you are in need, and come along side you when you aren't sire quite what to do.

You can reach a padre during the day through your unit or by calling the Faith Centre at 204-765-3000 ext 3091.

For after-hours contact Base Duty at 204-765-3000 ext 3044.

Unit padre extensions are:

Base chaplain Padre Greg Costen 3381
CLC (Protestant) Padre Lee 3088
CLC (Roman Catholic) Padre Inienwe 3089
1RCHA Padre Neil 3090
2PPCLI Padre Olive 6836

St. Barbara's Protestant Chapel
Sunday service at 10:30am

Our Lady of Shilo Roman Catholic Chapel
Sunday service at 10:30am and Wednesday service at 12:05pm.

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