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Event Preparation

Our department is available to aid in the work up training for some of the CF’s most popular competitive events. We provide progressive classes which focus on the specific requirements of an event and offer effective cross training options that complement many training regimes. Classes can be booked for groups of 5-50 people. Our department will be dedicated to providing the necessary training to adequately prepare your group for competition.

We also offer informational sessions that address safe and effective training methods, symptoms and effects of overtraining, the importance of proper fuelling and much more. We recommend these sessions before training commences to ensure all participants can apply this knowledge in both their training and competition.

A tradition since 1994, this grueling 50km trek takes place every September in Edmonton Alberta. The original Mountain Man started in Calgary, and then moved north with the brigade in 1997. It starts off with a 31.6 km run through the river valley with the weight of a 15 kg rucksack, followed by a 3.2 km canoe portage, a 10 km canoe paddle on the river, and ends with a 5.6 km march to the finish line. Members are ranked individually and overall as a team, making group classes and team orientated training a perfect option for workup. We will focus on leg and shoulder strength and endurance, agility, speed, power and functional core training. We can provide classes at the GSH gym, outdoors, a facility of your choice, and even on trails through the Brandon Hills.

The International Four Day March is the largest marching event in the world, running almost every year since 1909. Commencing in the small town of Nijmegen participants march a total of 160 km through the Netherlands. Canadians have been participating in the event every July, since 1952. Military Members march 40 km daily, wearing their uniform and a 10 kg backpack (plus water, etc.). Around one thousand Military personnel and thousands of civilians participate each year, drawing up to a million spectators. Our Staff members will provide classes with low impact leg endurance such as stationary cycling, functional strength training for upper and lower body as well as a significant amount of core training.

The Canadian Death Race takes place every August Long Weekend in Grande Cache, Alberta. Since the start of the millennium, elite racers have come to the Canadian Rockies to battle heat, cold, altitude and themselves in one of the world’s toughest adventure races. The 125 km course begins and ends on a 4200 foot plateau, passes over three mountain summits and includes 17,000 feet of elevation change and a major river crossing. Athletes can compete individually or as part of a relay team but must finish the course within 24 hrs. Although the race has no Military affiliation, physically fit members who wish to represent our base as a solo competitor or as part of a relay team may receive funding from their Regiment for participation. We will train leg strength and endurance, balance and agility, incline and core. Emphasis is put on foot and ankle stability as well as proprioception (brain to limb connection).

Running is a favourite past time of many CF members. Many bases send competitors to the annual Ottawa Army Run and here in Shilo we even put our own Army Run featuring a 10km and half marathon race. There are also many options for local and national civilian organized races as well. Many races have 5km, 10km, half marathon (21.6 km), full marathon (41.2 km) or relay options to suit everyone’s goals and abilities.
We can aid in training for endurance or speed competitions with a variety classes featuring incline running, intervals, strength and core training.

We also offer personal training programs that participants can carry out individually, to ensure all the necessary components required for competition are prepared for.
*For more information on individual programs please see the Military Personal Training section of our site.

Event Preparation

To book a class or for more information please call Ginger Lamoureux @ (204)765-3000 ext 3899 or e-mail ginger.lamoureux@forces.gc.ca

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