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Specialist Training

Our department runs weekly high intensity training camps, which challenge even the most conditioned soldiers and emphasize some of the physical requirements of the CF’s Specialist Trades. We also provide informational sessions which address any questions or concerns that members may have about the physical requirements of Specialist tests and various expectations at selection. Units are welcome to book these training camps and/or informational sessions for individual groups at any time.

Training Camps

Every Wednesday from 1145-1245 hrs at the GSH Gym (meet at front desk). Open to any apparently healthy members of the CF.
* Classes will run with a minimum of 2 participants.

Classes provide participants with:

- Organized workouts featuring challenging exercises and tasks;
- General and/or trade specific fitness information, handouts and training programs;
- Exposure to innovative exercises, progressions, and equipment with emphasis on form and technique
- Structure and motivation from instructors and other participants;
- Opportunity to meet and train with other Soldiers who share similar career goals and/or interest in fitness;

Workouts are geared towards members who:

- Intend to apply for employment in a Specialist Trade;
- Aspire to pursue a Specialist Trade in the future;
- Have a base level of fitness and are looking for a hard workout to supplement their current program
- Would like to learn more about:
Physical Fitness- form, function & methods
Nutrition- proper fuelling and hydration
Specialist Training Programs-JTF2, CSOR & SAR-TECH

Informational Sessions

We provide members who are interested in specialist trades, with information that can help them prepare for the physical aspects of the selection process. We have general fitness and nutritional handouts as well as trade specific information and training programs for distribution. Our department will be offering separate informational sessions for JTF2, CSOR, and SAR-TECH before their deadlines. We aim to give perspective applicants the opportunity to apply this knowledge in their physical and mental preparation.


Dates and times TBA

*Informational sessions can also be booked individually by Units. To book an information session for your unit, or for more information contact Fitness Coordinator Ginger Lamoureux at 204-765-3000 ext 3899 ginger.lamoureux@forces.gc.ca

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