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References: A. B-GL-382-003/PT-001 Army Fitness Manual B. CANLANDGEN 006, 31 Mar 98, Conduct of Running in Combat Boots

1. The Weightload March: This test requirement is to move a group carrying a basic weight-load a distance of 13 km, carrying their own equipment and arriving at the destination “fit to fight”. The weightload march is not a race and there is no requirement to run, as per reference B. Personnel in fighting order with rucksack or tactical vest and small pack / rucksack, must complete the 13 kms in 2 hours and 26 minutes, 20 seconds. The equipment carried will be personal military equipment as per unit standard operating procedures. Overall, the total weight of equipment carried shall be 24.5 kg. This includes helmet, weapon and whatever combination of webbing & rucksack or Clothe the Soldier (CTS) equipment.

2. The Casualty Evacuation Task: This task will begin after completion of the weightload march. After a minimum 10 minutes rest, each soldier will evacuate another soldier of approximately the same size and weight, 100 meters in 60 seconds or less. Each soldier will wear helmet, webbing / tac vest and carry his/her own and the injured soldier's weapon.

The PSP Fitness Coordinator is available to take your Unit Booking at (204) 765-3000 ext 3899.

General Information
Points to keep in mind prior to testing
- No smoking, large meals or beverages with caffeine 2 hours prior to testing 
- No vigorous exercise or alcohol 6 hours prior to testing
- Medical Chits
 -Obtain a medical chit from your MO to indicate you are fit for testing if:
You have Asthma
Blood pressure over 140/90
Heart rate over 100 beats per minute

If you would answer yes to any of the health questions on the D 279

Training for the BFT
Please refer to the Army Fitness Manual for the 12 week CF recognized program.


For more information, please contact Fitness Coordinator Ginger Lamoureux at (204) 765-3000 ext 3899.

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