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Progressive Training Program

Program Information

Provide Guidance, Education and motivation to CF Members within the confines of structured classes in order to obtain and maintain a higher level of fitness within the program’s three month duration.

The CFB Shilo Progressive Physical Training Program was established by our Fitness Department to:
- Provide professional guidance and motivation from qualified PSP staff
- Give participants structured classes to improve their fitness with targeted results
- Offer participants the knowledge, education and skills to obtain and maintain a higher level of fitness

The Progressive PT Program is available to apparently healthy Canadian Forces Personnel who:
-Have not succeeded in meeting the minimum standards on the CF EXPRES test -Were referred by Medical staff (physiotherapist, doctor etc.)
-Are referred by their Commanding Officer to improve physical fitness (recommended by CO or requested by member)
-Are graduating from GET Fit, preparing to join regular Unit PT

Members are referred into Progressive PT by:
1. CO (participant request or personal recommendation)
2. Medical Professional
3. PES (Get FIT Members)
4. PSP Staff (Did not meet MPFS)

Participants are required to attend between 3 and 5 classes per week. Attendance requirements will vary between individuals, depending on:
- The fitness component that needs improvement
- Participants current fitness level
- Amount and intensity level of Unit PT that member is participating in

Participants are required to attend the Progressive PT program for:
- Minimum 1 month
- Maximum 3 months

To release from the program participants must:
Progressive Training Minimums

Participant Information

Once referral is received:
- You must sign and complete form and send it to The Physical Exercise Specialist (PES), Janelle Boyd 10 business days
- You will then be contacted by PES for an intake appointment. Please bring your completed lifestyle questionnaire form and signed participant agreement form

After initial intake:
- You will be given a start date and required to attend between 3 and 5 of the following classes for the determined amount of time
- A monthly calendar will be e-mailed to you with the most up to date schedule (including holidays etc)
- The last week of every month will be a recovery week. The duration of exercise will be lowered.
Weekly Schedule 

- Attendance will be parade for that day- not optional
- PES must be notified prior to any absences
- Absence without notice is strictly prohibited
- Lates are recorded and reported to your supervisor
- You are responsible to sign in at the beginning of each class. The sign in binder will be with the instructor
- Always bring land cloths on pool days in case the pool is closed
- Bring layers for outdoor classes (seasonal)
- It is your responsibility to inform the instructor of any illness or injury you may have before class begins

Baseline Testing:
- The last Wednesday of every month will be a baseline test instead of class. Your performance will be assessed to allow for any necessary changed to be made to your program
- Only the baseline test completed directly before release will count towards your graduation

Results and reports:
- Your weekly attendance record will be e-mailed to your referring agent and supervisor
- Your monthly progress report will be e-mailed to your referring agent. Report will include your baseline results (increase or decrease) and your attitude and level of effort during classes
- Both reports will be CCD’d to you

* Instructors may provide at home challenges aimed at meeting daily/weekly guidelines from Canada's Food Guide and increasing daily activity levels. You are encouraged to participate in these challenges as their intention is to aid you in reaching current goals and adapting to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Participant Agreement
Progressive PT Questionnaire

For more information, please contact the Physical Exercise Specialist at 204-765-3000 ext 3866.

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